A Brief Introduction Of Clear Coin
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A Brief Introduction Of Clear Coin

Clear Coin is basically a company with an online platform that powers and facilitates the purchasing and selling of certain media in real-time. All transactions are done on certain decentralized applications in order to cover a much larger digital environment. In the past year alone, industries that centered on cryptocurrencies added billions upon billions of dollars on the market capitalization. So it won’t really surprise anyone when it reaches the initial trillions in a decade or less. A lot of new business and media opportunities rose from the success of the industry and there’s no stopping it any time soon.

Features Offered by Clear Coin

  • Buying

in order to increase the awareness on one’s product or offered service, advertisements are highly necessary and Clear Coin could aid in the process; it’s difficult to create online awareness without the necessary tool and connections.

  • Selling

everyone wants to earn money and so one can’t help but try their luck in selling certain products and services. Publishers that earn ad revenue from spots that they sell could be assisted by Clear Coin.

  • Safety

every selling platform has its own safety risks; Clear Coin effectively detects all sorts of blacklisted publishers as well as other non-human activities.

  • Bidding

numerous businesses involve bidding platforms but unfortunately not all of them implements effective systems; a lot of things go wrong during the bidding. Clear Coin provides the kind of auction format bidding that highly improves the economics within the related market.

  • Data

clients have varying experience with data security but no matter what the experience is, may it be good or bad, no one wants a data provider or facilitator that has poor security. Clear Coin knows the frustration so their data not only respects user privacy but also delivers all relevant content.