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Recreation and Sports

What Happened To Real Madrid This Season?

Something has really gone wrong with Real Madrid this season as they currently lie 14 points behind the table leaders, Barcelona with one game in hand. Who would have seen this? After a record breaking season in the league and the Champions League, you would expect Real Madrid to go and fight for both the titles again. They came second in their Champions League group after being thrashed by Tottenham 3-1 and will now have to play against one of the tournament favourites, PSG. The odds are also against them, the current Champions. Still it’s the still same starting 11 and even if the Spanish League is already out if contention, doesn’t mean that so is the Champions League and there is a lot they will need to change in January.

Ronaldo is still in the squad and is still capable of doing wonders even if his ferociousness took a hit this season, but Ronaldo is come back from a bad start many times before and this could be one of them. And if Ronaldo really starts hitting form, the morale of the entire team will change and they could then finally consider themselves to be in the contention any more.

Their defense has been in shambles this season with Dani Carvajal not producing the same kind of performances that he had put in last season. Suarez rand all around him during the last El Clasico. They will need to really rebuild themselves again. Their season will also depend on the fitness of Gareth Bale as he brings a level of flair that Real Madrid’s squad currently doesn’t possess. Benzema has been lacklustre in front of goal this season and he needs to be benched if they want to win anything this season. Log on to if you want to learn more.

Recreation and Sports

Basketball Information That May Have Slipped By Fans

Basketball, no need for any sport explanation here since the sport and players earned millions of fans all over the world; regardless if the fans are avid, seasonal or just joining the bandwagon there’re everywhere. Professional basketball teams don’t have championships every other week, unlike the matches at link 188bet, so to fill in those months of no new basketball action you might want to know a few facts about the game and certain players.

  1. The original basketball hoops in history were peach baskets with closed bottoms. During games the officials needed to grab the ball out of the basket. String nets were introduced in the early 1900s.
  2. In 1997, basketball player Latrell Sprewell attacked a coach named P.J Carlesimo, choking him for 15 seconds before other players were able to pull him off the coach. Sprewell received 68 game suspensions, the second longest in NBA records.
  3. During its early conception, basketball did not require dribbling. Players were allowed to catch the ball, run a few steps, slow down, stop and then pass the ball or make a shot. It was only in 1950s when dribbling became a crucial part of the sport.
  4. Basketball has one of the highest numbers of game injuries and majority of them are sprained ankle. On the other hand, knee inflammation is the sole injury that results to players missing the game.
  5. The longest ever game in the history of NBA occurred in January 6, 1951 between the Indianapolis Olympians and the Rochester Royals. After a score of 75-73 and six overtimes, Indianapolis Olympians emerged victorious.
  6. The player with the highest number of free throws in his entire career at 9,787 is Karl Malone from the Utah Jazz.

Games held before 1923 allowed teams to choose which of their players would shoot free throws after a foul instead of the player who was fouled.

Recreation and Sports

Love Being Into Sports Even More With Bandarq Online

This modern world anything that can be done offline is now can be done online. Sports online is a preceding activity which has always been made by professionals and non-professional sports fanatics. Bandarq online is a modern shape of which old sport gaming with the addition of some diverse and simpler features. slide

Sports gaming online are lots easier, interesting as well as full-time fun for those having extra interest in sports. A lot of people in diverse corners of the world have adopted it as a way of earning income. Today, you can experience gaming action right in the front of your computer. Previously, gaming was precisely to just few sports. But now, with the assistance of internet people do sports gaming for any sports, at any time and for some sporting event.images_q=tbn_ANd9GcSZ3FYQa4IyKjzd3Nx-MJ4512j6CUgyAuZZAr-Xwpzcc557w_mH

In previous day, games bookies were just accessible during special sporting games and people can just do sports gaming in their own country. However, since the beginning of online sports gaming, you are no more restricted to just your own country you could enjoy other country’s sports anywhere you are in the world with no time constraints. It is because there are sites that are accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. And literally, you can get update on any sporting game in the world.

The Contemporary Online Gaming Sports

Online sports gaming are broadly done practices nowadays. Websites that offer sports gaming online provide more than the old conventional bookmakers. Each of them caters to the specific needs of the people.

Now, it is likely for you to go to these sites and watch the sports of your choice.  You can easily watch sports right at the comfort of their home. To make revenue on sports gaming, you need to consider some techniques including choosing the best and reliable websites that cater to sports.