Shopping and Product review
Shopping and Product review

How To Find Legit Playstation Plus Free Codes

Are you one of those people who are in the search for PlayStation plus free codes? Well, the process would take a long time for you to possibly find the right place to get the free codes. However, there are always various ways on how you can find these free codes for PlayStation plus. All that you have to do is to allot some of your time in doing your research to get the free codes in the amounts that you need. You should consider thinking that the free codes that you could get are not in the amounts that you wish, but are enough to save you money instead of buying them on your plus free codes (11)There are various ways that you can consider doing to find PlayStation plus free codes. One of which is finding an online code generator. These generators would usually give the codes for free and the amount in random. There are also those online generators that would give you something to do for them in exchange of the codes you wish. Most of the time, the codes would be enough to allow you in enjoying more of the plus free codes (11)

Finding a Legit Source of PlayStationPlus Free Codes

Now, when it comes to finding a legit source of these free codes, you need to make an effort to search for the ones where most PlayStation users are getting their free codes. In case you have friends who are also using free codes, it is best that you ask them for the places where they get these codes.

You can also visit some forums where they share links for online generators or those where they get free codes. Some would require you to answer surveys in exchange for the codes while there are also those that can give the codes absolutely free. So, make a thorough research to find the best source for these codes.

Shopping and Product review

Choosing Your Headphones: Types Of Headphones

The difference between cheap and best $100 headphones usually goes down to the type of headphones you pick. Forget about the visually appeal or brand of the headphone as headphones come in various designs and brands. It is down to the basic pros and cons of each type of

Sample Headphone types to pick:

  1. Over the ear headphones: As the name suggests, these types of earphones cover the whole of your ear. Over the ear headphones like the Sennheiser HD280 Pro are famous for sound quality, comfort and noise isolation. Cons: they are bulky and power hungry.

Over the ear headphones also come in types namely: Closed Back over the ear headphones and Open Back over the air headphones. The former headphone type is preferable for its ability to block outside noise and preventing sound leakage.

  1. Wireless Headphone: In the past, wireless headphones use to be problematic as most people complained of poor sound quality and transmission. But thanks to technology advancement, this problem has been overcome. Wireless phones like the Aptx Bluetooth codec have shredded the market with top notch quality sound identical to wire headphones.

Some of the advantages of wireless phones include: easy to use, facilitates easy mobility and frees your hands which facilities multitasking.

The cons are that wireless headphones are dependent on battery, so when the battery dies, the music dies. Secondly, some wireless headphones types are notorious for low quality sound.headphones-under-100-e1397325044295

  1. In Ear Headphones: despite being the smallest headphones in the market, these headphone types are the most popular, rightfully so for their sound quality. They also provide fair nose isolation and noise cancelling attributes making it easy to listen to music while travelling. Furthermore, in ear headphone are made of different materials. The best to buy for noise isolation are those that are made of memory foam or silicone. Be careful not use these earphones as there are some studies that link their continuous use to ear damage.


When choosing a headphone for your phone it is important to compare the headphone type with the price as quality and price varies.