Things Smoking Weed Does To Your Body
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Things Smoking Weed Does To Your Body

You may be wondering what the impact of smoking weed, states with legal weed doesn’t rule that out as it clearly tells the users that,it is not good for the body if used in the wrong way. This article is all about answering that question and also giving you an insight on what to expect when you continue smoking weed for a long time. Research which has been carried out points out that, when you smoke weed for quite a while on a regular basis, it will end up dulling your emotional response and at the same time, cause you to become an addict.

Here are some of the things smoking the weed can cause to a man’s body

  1. It could increase your testicular cancer risk

When you smoke the weed, it tends to increase your chances of getting testicular cancer. It has been found out that, men who were tested for the presence of testicular germ cell tumors and found positive, happens to be those who smoked weed and thus, leading to scientists believing that, there is a connection between the two.

  1. It can damage blood vessels

According to research carried out by the American heart association, smoking weed can have a negative impact on your blood vessels. When you smoke weed, it causes the arteries to carry blood less efficiently for a temporal time. Though it is for a short while, the long term impact could cause you to develop clogged and hardened arteries.

  1. It has a short term impact on the memory

If you have ever observed, those people who use weed have some memory lapse of sorts. The weed causes one to have abnormalities in the brain causes one to perform less than expected. The brain also develops an abnormal shape, and in most cases, looks resemble the schizophrenia sufferers brain.

If you want to function normally, you are better off keeping away from smoking weed.