Tips For Choosing The Best Router For Gaming And Streaming
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Tips For Choosing The Best Router For Gaming And Streaming

Choosing a router is one of the most important things for a game enthusiast. That is because it can easily determine the overall gaming experience of a player including the overall gaming costs. With a good router in your hands you can enjoy high speed internet connection which translates to unlimited game time for your liking.For the best router for gaming and streaming you will have to do check on the following:


  • Router Signal Strength: There are numerous routers out there that have different signal strengths. A good determination of the signal strength is by testing the router yourself; don’t rely on the published manufacturer specifications as they may be lacking in addressing your specific logistical concerns.
  • Router Speed: Conventional Routers have megabits per speed limit of between 300- 600 mbps
  • Encrypt your Router: With the continued increase of cybercrimes and intruders, there is a need to select a router that is encrypted. Most router manufacturers offer encryption service. Alternatively, you can search for the latest encryption method and use it.


  • Compatibility: One of the key pointers to note while picking a router for streaming and gaming is to look at how compatible the router complements your already existing hardware. It is a good idea to pick a router that matches with your existing network card.

You router may not function normally all the time. And that is why it is important to purchase a router that offers both technical and customer support. Installing the router is also a service done by good quality router companies.

  • Warranty: In case of a breakdown in connection, your warranty should be able to come into play. Compare the warranties of different routers before settling on your preferred router.


When choosing a router for gaming and streaming it is important to not only check on the above factors, but also go through router product reviews

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