What is the best insurance coverage for most people in The Netherlands?

To be able to value a good life insurance the first thing we have to have clear is how the life insurance coverage works, since in addition to death we can contract coverage for professional disability, absolute disability and diagnosis of a serious illness. One of the best ways to to choose health insurance in The Netherlands is to use zorgverzekering vergelijken, in this way you make sure that your pay the lowest price for health insurance in Holland.

To make it clear we explain them in detail one by one:

Compensation with this type of insurance coverage

It is the main and mandatory coverage of a life insurance. Our family or whoever we decide will collect the money we hire for the death, this main coverage is collected both in case of death by illness and death by accident.

  • In addition to the primary coverage, we may purchase additional coverage that increases the amount of compensation if death occurs by accident.
  • These complementary coverages double the amount of compensation if death occurs as a result of any type of accident or triple the amount of compensation if death occurs due to a traffic accident.
  • In some insurance companies, we can even quadruple the amount of compensation for a total orphan if both spouses die in a traffic accident.

In order to understand these coverages for death let’s see it with an example:

Juan, 40 years old, has a life insurance with a principal death capital of 50,000 euros and all the complements by accident contracted since he makes daily use of the car to go to work and has 2 small daughters, for which he pays 115 euros a year.

The Best Way To Choose Insurance For Most Family’s

Any reason, illness or accident 50.000 euros

Any accident: 100,000

Traffic accident: 150,000 euros

Total orphanage: 200,000 euros

Compensation for professional disability with insurance companies

In our life insurance we can contract coverage for a situation of professional disability, which is recognized by the social security as a permanent total disability for the usual profession. This is a coverage that makes life insurance more expensive but is recommended for high income professionals for whom their standard of living depends largely on their particular profession. We also advice you to start with autoverzekering vergelijken because car insurance is quite expensive in the Netherlands.

These professionals usually have a special risk if they cannot develop their profession after an illness or an accident, since, even if they could develop another job it would probably be of lesser remuneration.