Insulated Piercing Connector: Things to Look Out for

Insulated Piercing Connector: Things to Look Out for

Connectors would often come handy in cases when you would have to link together two wires. While in usual circumstances, you would have to solder these wires together, or simply link the two copper wire ends together, in large-scale applications, however, this simply would not work. This is most especially true among electrical lines that deliver power to homes, or those wire systems which carry heavy voltage ratings of up to 600 Volts. If you’re on the lookout for an effective connector, then the easy tap insulation piercing connectors is one thing you ought to use. Here are some of the key features which make it the perfect choice.

Extra Protective Casing

To prevent overturning, your insulated piercing connector ought to have a breakaway torque nut. Also, the housing has to be self-insulated, which helps to remove the need for tape. The cap seals of the conductors are also filled with grease to protect from the harsh weather. It is ideal for connectors to have a rate of 90 degrees Celsius, with a maximum rating of 600 V, as this is as hot as the temperatures would usually go among electrical systems.

Extra Strong and Versatile

If you want an easy tap insulation piercing connector for you to use, make sure that its teeth are made of hardened copper. Moreover, make it a point to pick one which is compatible with Cu-Cu, Cu-Al, Al-Cu, and Al-Al, as well as an extensive range for wire thickness, preferably from #14 and 750 kcmil. This would most definitely spare you the hassle of having to look for connectors which are perfectly compatible. This is, however, something you always have to consider, given that the use of incompatible connectors in cases like these would most definitely result to catastrophic short circuits and power system failures altogether.

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